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A Community Hub


The Maniwaki Adult and Vocational Education Centre is dedicated to providing a respectful, caring, safe, healthy, and supportive learning environment that promotes active student involvement and self-motivation, while encouraging students to achieve through the establishment of personal goals and recognition of strengths.



The Maniwaki Adult and Vocational Education Centre strives to meet the needs of the community through the delivery of appropriate and relevant programming as expressed by public demand and individual student needs.

Values at MCEC

Our community is founded upon the principles of diversity, acceptance, and inclusivity, where each individual is valued for their unique perspectives and experiences. We cultivate an environment of compassion and tolerance, fostering understanding and empathy towards one another. Through patience and positivity, we seek consensus, embracing proactive approaches to address challenges and promote unity. We believe in the strength of our collective voices and celebrate the richness of our differences, working collaboratively towards a shared vision of equality and harmony. 

Professionalism at MCEC

At our adult education center, professionalism is rooted in compassion and respect. We prioritize leading with the heart, creating a safe and supportive environment where students feel valued and understood. We strive to be steady anchors and calm seas, guiding our students through their educational journey with empathy and patience. 

We treat our students as adults and partners, fostering a collaborative atmosphere where their voices are heard, and their input is valued. Through active listening and genuine engagement, we seek to understand their needs and preferences, always acting in their best interest. Decision-making is a shared process, empowering students to take ownership of their learning experience. 

Customization is key to our approach, recognizing that each student has unique strengths and challenges. We provide tough love from a place of compassion, offering praise, recognition, and positive feedback to encourage growth and confidence. Upholding their dignity and confidentiality is paramount, ensuring a safe and respectful space for learning. 

We consistently view situations through the lens of "how can I best help students," staying positive, proactive, and solution-oriented at all times. Our communication is non-confrontational, fostering understanding and cooperation. We refrain from swearing, taking things personally, or passing judgment, instead focusing on building trust and mutual respect. 

In summary, our professionalism is defined by our commitment to compassion, partnership, and empowerment, always striving to uphold the values of adult education in everything we do. 

The Centre and its Community

The Maniwaki Adult Education and Vocational Training Centre is located in the town of Maniwaki in the region of La Vallée de la Gatineau. The town is adjacent to the First Nations community of Kitigan Zibi, part of the Algonquin First Nations. The Maniwaki Adult Education and Vocational Training Centre serves as the only point of English academic and vocational training for adults between Gatineau and Val d'Or.

The centre has been providing academic and vocational programming in the Maniwaki area since 1986. Catering mostly to Indigenous and English communities, the centre offers academic courses leading to a DES (high school diploma) or pre-requisites for college or university programs. The centre also offers accounting and secretarial studies programs through a blended delivery of on site teaching and video conferencing. These programs lead to a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS). Health care programs and carpentry programs have also been delivered according to community requests and needs.

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