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Equivalency Testing

General Development Test (GDT)

  • Enables entry to a trade and is usually accompanied by Sec 3 Math, French and/or English depending on program chosen to apply for

  • Available here at the Centre and is free for registered students 18 and above to take

  • No study guide to accompany the test, but there are sample questions that students can see to have an idea of what questions will look like. Students are not permitted to see actual test beforehand. 

  • Can be taken as soon as a student wishes, no studying required

  • Not considered an equivalency to a Secondary School Diploma, main purpose is to allow for moving on to a trade

  • 43/100 needed to pass

Secondary School Equivalency Tests (SSETS)

  • Must be age 16  or over to take a total of 5 tests 

  • Considered as an Equivalency to a Secondary School Diploma (AESS)

  • Can be used to apply to a College out of province or a trade in Quebec (Not CEGEP)

  • Accepted by unions, government entry level jobs, military entry

  • Not available here at Centre, must take over at WQCC

  • Study guides available through WQCC at registration

  • Students should ideally be in Sec 3 levels to take them successfully

   Breakdown is as follows:

  • English Grammar

  • English Comprehension

  • French Second Language

      Optional Sections: (must pass 2 out of 4)

  • Math

  • Natural Science

  • Social Studies

  • Economics


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